Gesa Dröge: Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski (ITK) – Prof. Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson (DBVs)


Ernst Senkowski talks with Anabela Cardoso

Anabela Cardoso
'Electronic Contact with the Dead: What do the Voices Tell Us?'
(White Crow Books, Juli 2017)


1AC: Dr. Senkowski you are one of the most knowledgeable and well informed re-searchers of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) in the world and you were also a highly successful experimenter in audio ITC. I would like to know what prompted you to shift from the fascinating area of ITC experimentation to the study and dissemination of other ITC workers’ results.

1ES: Without prior detailed knowledge in 1977 I had experimentally convinced myself of the objective existence of the discussed EVP and had determined their main characteristics by which they differ from normal speech. Afterwards I read Jürgenson’s book and found his results matching my own. So my work was an independent confirmation. I thought it reasonable to get in contact with other operators for additional reassurance. To me the scientific and human aspects of the phenomena seemed so important that I published a report in Prof. emer. Dr. Hans Bender's Zeitschrift für Parapsychologie. The first edition of my comprehensive book Istrumental Transcommunication was meant to enhance the awareness of the scientific community and the general public.

2AC: You have compiled and exhaustively described most of the important cases in the field of ITC that happened in the world until 1995, date of the updated edition of your book 'Instrumentelle TransKommunikation'. I would like to know which ones you consider more relevant to, and supportive of, the survival of physical death hypothesis, and why. Also, could you describe for our readers some of the most impacting ITC events that you witnessed?

2ES: The updated German version of my book  (Anmerkung Gesa Dröge 15.10.2015: ITK-Buch-PDF 2015) is accessible in the internet (Internetversion 2003) together with its English translation. I find it rather inadequate to compare the complex results of different experimenters. Each experiment requires its own background story. The EVP material in my hands stems from more than 50 people in 10 countries. It shows a general consistency in spite of varied quality. The early pioneers Friedrich Jürgenson (Sweden) and Konstantin Raudive (Germany) as well as Sarah Estep (USA) published excellent examples. More important and impressive became the DRV, the transimages and computer messages. In my personal judgement based on direct observation and indirect experience, I would like to mention the US Metascience Foundation (George Meek with the collaboration of William O'Neil), the German Hans Otto König, the Luxembourg couple Harsch-Fischbach, the Italian Marcello Bacci, the German Klaus Schreiber and Adolf Homes. Not to forget yourself. All of them received messages evidencing the reality of life after death.
At the very beginning of my work, in December 1976, I was completely surprised by the short remark: '[the] dead are able to think and to speak' obtained in one of my experiments with radio background. Next, on January 14, 1977, I found the voice of my late father (as an EVP) addressing me with the diminutive of my first name and my nickname in his East Prussian dialect, 'Ernst-Ottchen – mein lieber Pumukl' while replaying a record done with radio background.
The third crucial experience happened in the presence of a couple of friends and my wife on Febr. 1, 1977, between 23:05 -
23:10, experimenting with radio short waves, around 9 MHz. I started a possible contact by saying the date and asking the other side to come. Immediately the DRV broke in. It comprised a series of passages that correctly and metaphorically described the events around the birth of my cousin’s baby boy, including her clearly understandable family name. And we received it here in Mainz approximately one hour before it happened in Berlin. The last sentence 'Hier ist Berlin' was spoken in a shrieking voice and I have for you the sound diagram.

Also, when asking questions during my experiments, several taped voices (EVPs) immediately answered my personal queries – a fact that absolutely excludes the chance hypothesis put forward by some critics. All these communications emerged spontaneously and were hard stuff for a physicist.
One very meaningful event happened in 1986 in the lab of
Marcello Bacci - the entity  Cordula  (-> Cordula materialisiert sich) addressed me in German with my family name and referred to the circumstances around my father's passing. A few months later the deceased Raudive spoke to me in Luxemburg and mentioned the event in Grosseto. I observed Hans Otto König working at the Luxembourg RTL Television station in the presence of the moderator Rainer Holbe. On this occasion two mothers had short dialogues with a deceased young girl and a 'dead' boy. Holbe swore on the life of his children that it was no hoax. In my view Adolf Homes represented a peak in ITC evolution. This conviction is based upon the close joint work of Homes, Dr. med. Vladimir Delavre and myself throughout many years. His results (EVP, DRV, telephone contacts, TV images and mainly computer dialogues) have been carefully documented. Sometimes associated messages manifested through different devices simultaneously, for instance, an image on the TV screen was matched by a computer text, or a telephone call predicted an image without specifying the time it would appear. An image then manifested when Homes switched his TV on and randomly tuned into a free channel. Several cross-correspondences happened, for instance, messages in Luxembourg and Darmstadt and in Rivenich.         --> Seitenanfang

In one case Dr. Delavre had noted a number of questions on a sheet of paper that he wanted to send to Homes. Thinking they might offend him (because of religious differences) he tore it to pieces and threw them into the wastebasket. Then he posted another list of questions. Surprise! The 'entities' answered part of the first collection of questions. To be sure that it was so Delavre assembled the pieces of the paper he had torn up.

3AC: When any of us, ITC workers, publicly describes some of the most amazing occurrences in the history of ITC research, we normally find that the large majority of our audience, although not overtly, becomes incredulous of such events. And I must admit that their attitude makes sense because as the saying goes "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". Indeed, any normal person is entitled to think that if such extraordinary things were true, the media, scholars, the scientific community would immediately examine them and bring them to public attention because, naturally, they are of utmost importance. I myself had the same thought when I came into contact with ITC events. It was only after I experienced them personally that I changed my mind. Until then, I had been, not exactly sceptical, but quite doubtful. Nils Olof Jacobson (Jacobson, 1973), in an excellent paper published in the first issue of the ITC Journal, said that there are two ways to overcome the feeling of distrust towards ITC events. And I quote:
'1. Scientists such as me will eventually be able to get two-way contacts for themselves. Then we could write from our own personal experience, and also put questions to the other side that would be of interest to science. In this way, ITC could slowly be known and accepted within science.
2. Or many new ITC stations and bridges could open so that ITC becomes more and more common among lay people. Then, it would not matter what science says, because more and more people know that ITC is real. Eventually, science would be forced to deal with the phenomenon.' (
ITC Journal, No.1, 2000, pp.61-62 ).
I agree with Dr Jacobson’s view. Now I would like to ask you to comment on the matter and also to give us a suggestion on how we, who have had direct experience, can help bring these amazing ITC events to the attention of the general public and motivate them to experiment for themselves, therefore helping Jacobson’s proposed outcome for ITC. If lay people do not attempt the contact, there can never be millions with direct experience and results to force science to deal with the phenomenon, as Dr Jacobson advocated. Thus, can you offer positive suggestions to overcome the difficulties pointed out by Nils Jacobson and by myself, which are undoubtedly jeopardizing widespread knowledge and acceptance of ITC phenomena?

3ES: Dear Dr. Cardoso, this behaviour is deeply inherent in the human psyche. It is a consequence of the fact that a living system possesses a strong inertia and always tries to keep its stability against influences that tend to change it. Scientists are no exception and the history of science is full of such examples. Thomas Kuhn has shown it in his commendable work The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962). One may regret this fact but seen this way the reaction of peers is understandable even if, as in the case of ITC, the most important issues of humanity are at stake. I agree with the ideas presented by Nils Olaf Jacobson and very much appreciate your tendency to go public and to enlarge the current scientific system by enframing ITC. But I feel that in our case combined with other paranormal effects as, for instance, OBE and NDE, we will patiently have to go a long way. The revolution at hand threatens to destroy the stability of our space-time-matter-system which is deeply embedded in all of us. The only way seems to be engaged in our mind and to spread the information as far as possible with our limited means. If Rupert Sheldrake is right, then each small step will stengthen the morphic field to enlighten the darkness of materialism.
I am sorry to be unable to give more advice. I am convinced that forcing things will not succeed because action always produces reaction. In any case we are like lighthouses radiating invisible 'light'. The sage Chinese knew the 'Wu-wei' related to 'dispassionateness'. Therefore, let us sow and let it grow.

4AC: Another accusation against ITC cases, certainly shared by a good number of parapsychologists, is that they lack strict controls, and therefore the results, publicly presented, cannot be trusted. I know that controls are difficult to enforce because ITC phenomena are of a subtle nature, and therefore elusive, although repeatable and testable. In my opinion the latter characteristics constitute their paramount advantage in relation to other forms of alleged communication with other planes of existence. Nevertheless, I think that ITC phenomena reproducibility and testability are not properly explored and I also believe that our communicators had them in mind when they studied, researched and finally adopted this new method (Cardoso, 2010). Your opinion on these issues, please.     --> Seitenanfang

4ES: The history of science is not free of errors and conscious deception. Like the rejection of new concepts and inventions, these possibilities are part of the human outfit. Mostly the background is the tendency to earn unwarranted material advantage and/or social acklowledgement. Occultism and mediumship is loaded with fraud. Gullible clients are willing to pay for consoling 'information'.
Notwithstanding the difficulties of interpretation in relation to the majority of the voices on tapes (EVPs or VOT), I see no plausible reason to question the general reality of the phenomena. The only issue I share with the critics is their rightful insinuation of delusion or faulty interpretation of heavily disturbed and distorted noise. In such cases – which I extensively treated in my book - the 'voices' are nothing more than subjective convictions. But there are more than enough clear examples worldwide. They have been documented, partly technically analysed and some of them found to be nearly identical to the lifetime voices of the deceased. Nobody is entitled to throw out the baby with the bath water. A sceptical observer myself, I never found a reason to question the sincerity of the experimenters I came to meet. In spite of striving for their living with a modest salary, they spent some of their own limited financial income in financing their research work and never tried to make money out of their ITC results. They were unfairly attacked and put down. Their engagement was triggered by thirst for the knowledge of life after death and the wish to help the bereaved to overcome the (preliminary!) loss of a loved one.
The reluctance of 'scientists' to deal with ITC can be traced down to two cardinal issues. The first comes from the reductionist methodology: ITC stubbornly refuses to obey our 'natural laws'; it successfully resists our wish to determine it, and it does not fit entirely in the almighty concept of reproducibility that can be 'successfully' applied in the case of physics and techniques. Long ago Prof. Dr. Andreas Resch insisted that parapsychogical research should be based on especially adapted methodology. Nothing in our life is exactly repeatable. The entities are aware of this structural condition telling us: [there is] no formula for contact; and [the] paranormal is not repeatable (Both sentences were received by DRV at the couple Harsch-Fischbach’s home when I was present). Dr. W. von Lucadou published some valuable considerations about reliability and evasiveness. To characterise ITC we may use the expression 'restricted reproducibility'.
The second remark deals with the deepest concepts of humanity insofar as ITC touches the most important question of our life. The messages treat the problem of life after death, a subject that is traditionally loaded with fear and is heavily distorted by our religious concepts and dogmas. In the absence of 'scientific proof' it remains every man's personal decision to consider and evaluate the vast amount of evidence of life after death that should not be lightheartedly discarded.

5AC: Related to what was said above, I would like to discuss with you some of the most spectacular cases and the accusations of fraud that have been posted against the experimenters who had the fortune of being recipients of such communications. I know, for instance, that several scholars, and perhaps even some scientists, as well as some technicians, observed the Luxembourg phenomena, which I personally consider to represent some of the most impressive evidence of survival ever offered. I also know that you were in Luxembourg a number of times. Please enumerate some of the scientists and technicians who were there, as well as the controls carried out, if any. If the latter were not applied, can you please elucidate our readers and myself why this was the case?

5ES: Dear Dr. Cardoso you probably remember that I am not very fond of this type of discussion because during the time of excellent experimental results in Luxembourg no 'official' scientist and no parapsychologist could care less. They never asked the operators for controlled experiments. And the same has happened with other ITC workers. I am aware of only four positive exceptions:
1. Raudive in a Faraday cage surveilled by English specialists in electromagnetic screening successfully taped sufficiently clear voices already in 1971.
2. König, supervised by technicians, got DRV in the studios of Radio-Télé-Luxembourg. An already agreed upon scientifically controlled test of his special electronic devices in the Technical University of Darmstadt was finally refused by RTL's officials because the price demanded by the University seemed too high.
3. Bacci's equipment was checked by scientists and technicians in Italy.
4. Your own controlled experiments at the acoustically and partly electromagnetically shielded Laboratory of Acoustics of the Department of Telecommunications at Vigo University, using the equipment of the University and involving invited operators from different European countries, which have been going on since 2008 and have not yet been concluded. As you informally reported to me, a good number of anomalous electronic voices (EVPs) were recorded under the strictest conditions.
Nevertheless, watertight control in Luxembourg, at Homes and elsewhere, has never been accomplished. Could you tell me how 'scientific control' could have been carried out? The spontaneous manifestation of the phenomena and the dependence from psychic conditions (preferably of the operator) would require to 'sit down and wait' not to count the necessary measuring equipment for electromagnetic fields of all frequencies, physiological surveillance and brain functions.
The contents of the phenomena as well as their unequivocal references to the partaking foreigners spoke for themselves insofar as they presented details unknown to the operators (O'Neil, König, Harsch, Schreiber, Homes, Bacci, Cardoso). I am not aware of all visitors in Luxembourg, but there were at least engineer George Meek (USA), Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Resch, Catholic Priest (Austria), Dr. Ralf Determeyer, Communications Expert, (Germany), Prof. Père Francois Brune, Theologian (France), Dr. Theo Locher, (Switzerland) and Prof. Walter Uphoff, PSI Researcher (USA).  
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6AC: One of the strong accusations against Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach (H-F) is that some of the clear, highly interesting images that allegedly appeared on their TV screen, e.g. Jules Verne’s habitat in the next dimension; the black and white computer graphic received in Luxembourg on 4.12.88 and found by Dr. Delavre, on June 1989, in colour, in issue nº 3/87 of the magazine Esotera; the group of crystals apparently indicated by Zeitstrom (Timestream) Station as belonging to their communication devices for the contact with our level of existence, which was apparently identical, although distorted, to the image published on the cover of the book The Quantum Universe; some deceased people's ‘transimages’ identical to their earthly photographs while alive, and even the whole story of Marduk and the River and their similarities to Philip José Farmer’s books are all suspect because of the striking resemblance to our own things. My opinion is that this was perhaps an easier way for the communicators to convey their messages to us, using matching, existent terrestrial mental patterns to exemplify their situation in another dimension with some concepts that we could relate to and understand. In the case of the photographs, for instance, it could be that the reproduction of an already existent photo on the screen of a TV apparatus (in the case of the H-F disconnected from the net and even malfunctioning) was easier to achieve than constructing a new photo of the deceased person who, naturally, will no longer have the same face or body to be photographed. The communicators tell us that they 'also have a body' albeit made of 'a kind of electricity', as they have told me (see Cardoso 2010). In effect, it is very difficult to imagine how that 'new body' could be photographed and transmitted via a TV screen that uses our earthly technology! I can personally understand all that but the truth is that the procedure apparently used by Timestream was extremely undesirable as it prompted a wave of accusations against the H-F and ITC. I know that you wrote an article about these mysterious similarities, but not in English, and certainly many of our readers do not know about it. Can you please give us a résumé of your opinion and of the ideas you put forward therein? Furthermore, I would like to know if you witnessed any of those transmissions and, in the negative, if you know anybody who did, besides the H-F. Many thanks.  

6ES: I am sure that the Harschs in most instances (as well as their guests including myself and my wife) directly observed the emergence of messages and images. When the first ones appeared during the couple's (Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach) absence, the H-F would not believe in their paranormal origin. To prevent access of intruders they had a special key-system installed.
I agree with your extensive considerations about the duplications. Concerned operators and their co-workers wondered about the apparent similarities of terrestrial material and some phenomena in Luxembourg (and elsewhere, f.i. at Bacci). Extensive material has been published in several editions of the journal Transkommunikation headlined 'Parallel Realities?'
ZSTK Vol. I, No. 1, 1990, starts with a short summary (abbreviated):
'In the past years a remarkable number of messages and images (from beyond) have been found to be identical or resembling their counterparts in our realm of existence. Twelve of these cases are examined in detail. Excluding conscious manipulation as too simple an explanation, several tentative models are discussed including the ones given by the transentities. At present there exists no satisfactory solution for the inherent inconsistencies. We will see whether a better understanding of the background will be developed in the future.'
ZSTK Vol. I. No. 2, 1991: An amendment was necessary because our readers supplied additional material. At present we have more than 20 examples, 3 from Klaus Schreiber, 1 from Marcello Bacci and the rest from the Harsch.
ZSTK Vol. I, No. 3: More cases 'accidentally' found by Dr. Determeyer and I have been reported. Determeyer commented:
'(In spite of all that) I vouch for the impossibilty to impute the least suspicion of manipulation to the Harsch. From the beginning I followed and accompanied their work and took part in numerous direct TC contacts with the transentities – Technician, Dr. Konstantin Raudive and others. The phenomenon of duplication is known to me from the results of other experimenters. Apparently, it is a general fact that renders some insight into the cosmic information storage or processing.... Questioning some transentities via different channels yielded quite similar descriptions. For instance, we were told:
'Everything spoken at any time was released from an information center ….... (it) found its (terrestrial) deposition/condensation and in spite of that is still substantial ...'
There seems to be an all comprising holomorphic information field. The different dimensions and individuals are participating and helping to its configuration ... The multidimensional information field may be related, coupled or identified with the so called Akasha Chronicle and contains timeless fundamental structures or 'truths' that by transformation into (our) four dimensional speech symbols produce similar patterns. Quantum Physicist David Bohm (according to Einstein 'the only one who could surpass quantummechanics') introduced the notion of an implicate order 'behind' our explicate order; in other words: enfolded and outfolded.
Synchronicity as introduced by C. G. Jung (and Wolfgang Pauli, nuclear physicist and Nobel Prize winner) can be understood as an additional indication. A future more precise investigation of these highly interesting phenomena is urgently necessary.
The million fold realization of the concept ‘Love’ possibly serves the most unmistakable communication and timeless creation of new life' (End of quotation).
I like to explain my concord with this model of my friend Ralph Determeyer. Even nineteen years later and in the light of an article by Dr. Vladimir Delavre, I could not formulate Ralph's ideas better. In contrast V. D. stressed the intimate relation between ITC and other paranormal phenomena, especially the general two-way mindmind and mind-matter interaction. In his summary he stated:
'The separation of object and subject is in itself a subjective proposition. For the present the significant question about the essential counterparts in ITC [the communicating entities] must remain open. Perhaps we only see reflections of reflections and may be we only hear echos of echos generated by an infinite number of permeating information fields.' (Delavre, 1992).
I am convinced that messages and their contents primarily stem from the general timeless information field. They are 'sent' to us via a [perhaps metaphorical] information center [a Station, for instance] but they do not disappear. They are still existent 'over there' and can be 'sent' at any time and to any place on our side. And I would like to add a short remark: According to India's tradition a net of reflecting pearls exists in Indra's heaven. Regarding one pearl all of them are visible. This is similar to the modern holographic information space that can also be characterized as an endless system of patterns in patterns. Only evanescent pieces reach our brain limited consciousness to form a puzzle.
The cases that you referred to triggered, as I see it, indeed unwarranted assaults by people without personal experience in ITC. There were even insiders convinced that only the VOT (EVP) are for real and all other phenomena must be faked.
The Harsch freely told us that they had read Farmer's Die Flusswelt der Zeit' (literal translation: The World of the River of Time). It is impossible to discern an unconsciously introduced contribution of the Harsch from the genuine transmaterial. I, therefore, think it is useless to continue this discussion.
But there are two remarkable facts. The German title seemingly picked up and used as the Station’s name, Zeitstrom (Timestream), by the entities can be understood as a hint to their necessary adaptation to our linear time-flow. The term 'border of the river of eternity' used by Raudive can be easily interpreted as a metaphor standing for the 'border' between life and death. (A similar expression manifested at Adolf Homes': 'You have found the boat'.) It recalls the Styx of Greek Mythology that must be crossed by the deceased in a boat guided by ferryman Charon.
I addressed Farmer asking whether he could give a source of his trilogy. His negative answer evokes a more general question about the sources of ideas, inventions and literature. It seems unreasonable to 'explain' all this as a chance product of the brain. Brain researchers do not see the background, and therefore, talk of 'emergence' to conceal their ignorance. It is well known that completely independent inventors forwarded their patent applications practically simultaneously. But nobody attacked that synchronicity – only in the case of ITC some stupid critics are agitated enough to attack the experimenters.
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Your second example refers to the identity of the Harsch's transimage showing an alleged 'communication device' in the beyond which appeared like a distorted copy of a published(1) rare crystal. Even in my openmindedness I was unwilling to accept the, for me, pseudo explanation of Timestream transpartners. From a humorous point of view we could describe this and similar cases as 'toys' from 'higher beings' given to playful children in the kindergarden called Earth. For example, Dr. Delavre found that the name Swejen Salter of an important communicator was an anagram: the letters can be rearranged to form the German word Rajtselwesen close to Raetselwesen – enigmatic being. Asked about the meaning Technician responded 'Sind wir nicht alle Rätselwesen' (Are we not all enigmatic beings?).
And while we are discussing the issue of duplications, I will report on the interesting ITC event that happened at the H-F’s and at Homes’ on different occasions, although apparently with the same contents. The summary below is based on a paper published in Jochem Fornoff’s Newsletter 'TBSF Darmstadt - Info 39', Dec. 1994, titled 'Dubletten gibt es nicht nur bei Briefmarken' ('Doublets are not restricted to stamps', or 'Doublets do not only exist in the form of stamps').

Here is a short synopsis:
On March 11.1994, the Harsch-Fischbach couple, from Luxembourg, received a DRV from the deceased Raudive in French. It contained the name ‘Fornoff’, a well known ITC experimenter of Darmstadt and the name 'Georg' that they were unable to identify. They informed Jochem Fornoff the next day by a short Fax. He was surprised because 'Georg' was the name of his deceased father (1944 WW II). (Around the same time Fornoff had been in alleged contact with him through the German full trance medium Franz Schneider.)
At Homes’, in Rivenich, on
Sept. 19, 1994, in the presence of a CBS Team from the USA, my wife and I, a DRV in French from Raudive was received. It started:
Dear friends, here Konstantin Raudive speaks to you. Dear friend Adolf Homes in the name of the groups Centrale and Zeitstrom we think it fair and adequate to send you some additional information …
The whole message was difficult to understand, but the name Formoff stood out in a partly incomprehensible passage.

The matter was then discussed between Homes, the Harschs, Malkhoff, Fornoff and I (Senkowski). Fornoff was able to get from the Harschs, through F. Malkhoff (Homes' ITC work colleague), a copy of the complete audio message, which at the H-F's was of much better quality, and we were then able to compare the two versions. Here is the relevant part in German and English:
March 11, 1994 – Harsch, Luxembourg, DRV via the 'Burton Bridge' (a special ar-rangement of devices)
'Bitte teilen Sie Herrn Fornoff mit, daß Georg versucht, ihn zu kontaktieren.'

('Please tell Mr. Fornoff that Georg tries to contact him.')
Sept. 19, 1994 – Homes, Rivenich, DRV with four radios and one TV set turned on.
'Bitte, teilen Sie Herrn Fornoff mit, [??] ihn zu kontaktieren.'
('Please tell Mr. Fornoff that Georg tries to contact him…')

To me such discrepancies could be meant to stimulate our curiosity. I do not whole-heartedly take seriously the many thousands of pages of widely differing descriptions of the conditions and structures over there. And I just as little like the attempts to describe the beyond by means of our (modified) physical concepts. The problem of adaptation of two 'realities' demands a very cautious approach. The appearance of the beyond as a summation of genuine individual experiences, possibly modified by the operator (medium) that functions as an active transducer, is rather untrustworthy. The transentities have to stimulate our terrestrial words to describe their ways of life. If it is true that they are able to directly form their mouldable 'dream-worlds' by mental activity, we are not entitled to understand their subjective messages as objective dec-larations. I do not believe that a transimage of a deceased human shows his photographed etheric body. This could well be overstressed naïve anthropomorphism. In my view messages such as 'I send you repeatedly a projection of myself, however in your appearance [in the shape we know]' is more meaningful than: 'I decided to put an image of myself through, that shows me like I am now here, on this side at the border of the river of eternity' (Raudive at Harsch).
German Text: Ich habe mich entschlossen, sowohl um einigen, die noch immer zweifeln, etwas beibringen zu wollen, ein Bild von mir selbst durchzugeben, so wie es mich zeigt hier, wo ich jetzt auf dieser Seite am Ufer des Flusses der Ewigkeit bin, sowohl als auch den Menschen, die guten Willens sind und die befürchtet haben, ich würde nicht mehr zur Gruppe Zeitstrom gehören.'
Probably they have to evoke selected contents from their memory to replicate a former terrestrial gestalt and to project this virtual mental image telepathically into the mind-brain system of a suitable experimenter. In this model the electronic manifestation would be the final step.

These deliberations can also help to develop a critical view of 'higher and lower levels' in the beyond and the designation of some entities as 'higher beings'. I prefer to accept the message (received by a trance medium) 'you subdivide the allmightiness' – referring to our stereotyped thinking.
All this could be more than an unsubstantial hypothesis and might be introduced in our daily life in which we presume to live in one global world. In essence this is not true because everybody always gains his personal subjective experiences. Only by linguistic programming in our childhood we become incorporated parts of a common 'objective' world. A considerable amount of misunderstandings could be avoided by considering this fundamental rule of communication. Therefore, it is no wonder that ITC fascinates one group of people and horrifies another one. If it is part of a great 'masterplan' to activate the evolution it may help to transform our 'reality' by establishing a new paradigm assigning the space-time-matter-energy-system, and even causality, its restricted position in an infinite transrational totality.     --> Seitenanfang  

7AC: Dear Dr. Senkowski you have just made a comment that I would like to briefly explore. You said: 'If it is true that they are able to directly form their mouldable 'dream-worlds' by mental activity…'. To a certain extent, I have an almost opposite view of the concept you put forward. Indeed the world we live in, here in planet Earth, is, in my opinion, much more a mental construction than the assumed next dimensions of existence. Even if a brick falls on our head and kills us, I consider it highly probable that through this circumstance we 'get out of the dream', or wake up, to a truer aspect of Reality. This is a notion that has developed in my mind from the observation of my own life and of the lives of others, as well as of the concerning circumstances, and from pondering our existential patterns. I think that we are 'imprisoned', so to speak, in a, to a large extent, illusory construction i.e., our world. None of the so-called objective factors that surround us are truly permanent and, therefore, they have to be intrinsically illusory (e.g., time and matter, our physical appearance which besides is ever-changing, etc). Because by definition illusion is false. My impression of terrestrial life as 'Maya', a kind of 'virtual reality' to put it in other words, strengthened when my own communicators replied to my comment (per request of David Fontana) about their world being a 'world of thought', as you have just suggested, with: 'Our world is closer to the truth than your world [mine]'. They did not say theirs was not a world of thought, but they said it was more real ('closer to the truth') than our world. Similarly, at Bacci’s Centre in Grosseto, on one of the occasions I was there, one of the communicating entities suddenly said: 'This is your dream!' (See ITC Journal Nº 20, p. 17). This could be understood in different ways: either they meant the communications themselves, or they meant our life / world, or both. Furthermore, I think that consciousness constructs form (illusion) in increasingly subtler physical aspects (i.e. worlds). Carlos de Almeida, my main communicator during the first years of my ITC work, told me spontaneously, one day, very near to his departure from Rio do Tempo world (see Cardoso ibid 2010): 'I am already free from illusion'. And now, after this parenthesis, I would appreciate it to know how you got involved for the first time with the Luxembourg events.

7ES: I am sorry to be unable to remember the exact date of my first meeting with the Harschs and the circumstances that triggered my interest in their work. In any case my wife Adelheid and I met them on Sept. 6, 1986 at their home to be surprised by a dialogue with Raudive in which he referred to my experience in Grosseto on June 9 of the same year. I will quote the first contact in which I took part at the apartment of the couple H-F at Hesperingen, in Luxembourg. Jules (J), Maggy (M); and visitors Adelheid and Ernst Senkowski (S) were present; communicators: Techniker (T), Raudive (R), Jan Eberhard (apparently a deceased relative of the Harsch) (E), Grossvater (grandfather) (G), and probably a deceased close friend of mine, Rudolf Kollath; (K) time: 7:14 - 7:21 p.m. via the Euro Signal Bridge - ESB.
The contact started:
Contact for the Eurosignal Bridge. (Eurosignal-Brücke)

R: Good evening, dear friends, good evening dear colleague Senkowski. We on our side are glad to be able to have the opportunity to welcome you here this evening. You know, colleague Senkowski, that man of today is dragged to and fro between extreme poles, and so he likes best to flee from everything that has to do with the sphere of death. You have received the sentence of the ‘cubbyhole’ (I mentioned this occurrence above). For once it must be said: as long as you have not solved the problem of death and made dying humane, the whole progress of humanity is of little worth. Until that point in time you will stay half-conscious animals. The human as a partly spacetimeless being belongs to the most varied fields and dimensions (rattling noise).

Guten Abend, liebe Freunde, guten Abend, lieber Kollege Senkowski. Wir auf unserer Seite freuen uns, Sie heute abend hier begrüßen zu können. Sie wissen, Kollege S., daß der Mensch von heute hin und her gerissen wird zwischen extremen Polen, und so flüchtet er am liebsten vor allem, was mit dem Bereich des Todes zu tun hat. Sie haben den Satz empfangen von der Abstellkammer. Es muß einmal gesagt werden: Solange Sie das Problem des Todes nicht gelöst und das Sterben menschenwürdig gemacht haben, ist der ganze Fortschritt der Menschheit nicht viel wert. Sie bleiben bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt halbbewußte Tiere. - Der Mensch als teilweise raumzeitloses Wesen gehört den verschiedensten Feldern und Dimensionen an.
Text und Video auf Website:
ITK - Dr. Ernst Senkowski - 06.09.1986 - Luxemburg - Konstantin Raudive - Abstellkammer

E: I build the multipurpose apparatus, it won’t take long any more (said in Luxembourg dialect; rattling noise).
T: The contact [soon] ends ... (crackling noise).
Unknown communicator
: Here, so go ahead (Hamburg dialect).
R: Dear friends, we now break off the contact and [will] contact you once again later.
M: Yes, when?
R: It is ... (slow manner of speaking, last part interrupted, distorted, not understandable). More contacts in about twenty minutes earthly time.
J: Can anybody say something else?
T: Aurora [has] been mentioned often enough. Contact end. [Aurora is the name I, Senkowski, use in my EVP experiments].
The contact was resumed 20 minutes later:
R: Dear friends, here is Raudive once again. It was said [that] the speech rhythm is different/varying. It was said that the voices are not precisely the same. Dear friends, [the] paranormal is not repeatable. We will try to incorporate and put through our apparatus everywhere.
T: For today the contacts soon at their end. Next mediation Tuesday, hour 20 (8:00 p.m.) summer time, hour 19 (7:00 p.m.) real time.
G: Very good that some humans take interest in this matter, like you [do] now, that is very important. (Voice known to spouses H-F as Jules’ grandfather who, contrary to his lifetime, spoke in German).
(?): K. looks after the entire organization. K. is ahead of his time in the truest sense of the word.
The contact ends now. Contact end.

For me personally, the contents showed a few surprising connections: On June 9th, 1986, that is to say about three months earlier, in Grosseto, Italy, I had received from Cordula (a feminine communicator who spoke frequently at Bacci’s Centre) the sentence 'What happens at the boundary of life?' And later she pronounced the strange statement: 'The cubbyhole is last.' 'This was connected with the inhumane practice of hospitals where dying persons are displaced into a kind of ‘cubbyhole’ as had happened to my father before he died. In my opinion this was a clear reference to my father’s death and his stay in the 'cubbyhole' at the hospital. The fact that Raudive in Luxembourg stated that I had received the sentence of the cubbyhole is remarkable (please note that the H-F had not been informed of this contact at Bacci’s Centre or of Cordula’s statement).
Moreover, as above mentioned, we received two reasonable sentences under the name of the late director of the Physics Institute, University of Mainz, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kollath, who was my doctoral advisor. The original DRV (of the English translation mentioned above) said: 'Kollath paßt auf Gesamtorganisation. Kollath ist seiner Zeit jetzt im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes voraus.'

8AC: Adolf Homes was another great ITC researcher who achieved spectacular results and whose work you followed. Some of the comments I made above apply to some of his ITC material, too. Please elaborate on this and give us your highly valuable opinion, including telling us if you were personally present when some of the Homes’ phenomena took place. In the affirmative, briefly describe the circumstances.

8ES: At first I want to state that there is no complete record of our meetings with Homes. Similar to Mainz – Luxembourg, the distance Mainz – Rivenich prevented my frequent visiting. On several instances, we accompanied foreign TV teams (Netherlands, France, Brazil, Japan, and USA) for translation because Homes spoke only German. Another difficulty arose from the general unpredictability of the transcontacts.
Homes did not have a high level of education because his mother had died giving him birth and he had lost his father in connexion with WW II. He passed through several orphanages, and his later family with two children lived off the restoration of old furniture and his wife’s income.
My co-work with him was mainly realized by an ongoing exchange of matters by telephone, audio and video tapes and posted copies of the computer print-outs. In a considerable number of cases, Homes was totally stressed by the contents of the, to him incomprehensible, messages and the means of their unpredictable technical realisation, calling all this 'hog-wash' and 'madness'. A good example was a computer message in five languages. In such cases he used to ask Dr. Delavre or myself for help immediately after a new manifestation. The same procedure was followed when the questions we had sent him were answered from the 'beyond'.          --> Seitenanfang

Messages even manifested at his home during his stay in hospital. I'll give you an example of one of Homes contacts and the explanation he gave me. The second picture of Jürgenson appeared in colour on Homes’ TV set on Oct. 13, 1994 in parallel with the text on the computer screen, and had a duration of 24 sec.  ZSTK Vol. II, No 4, 1995
His report to me came via the telephone, immediately after he found the text on the computer screen and after our conversation he fetched the video camera from the living room to document the text.
Here is what he told me:

'By 8 o’clock I had a very strange feeling. Like in a kind of state of trance, I went to fetch my old VHS camera, installed it in front of the TV set in my living room, and switched both devices on, the TV set to an empty channel, then the camera. When switching the camera on, immediately an image appeared on the TV screen. It seemed to show Friedrich Jürgenson. In the moment the picture appeared, I heard a loud cracking noise in the side-room where the computer is and where we do our recordings. But I kept sitting and tried to establish an audible contact by addressing either those in the Beyond, or Jürgenson. Hearing nothing, I ended the experiment after approximately 8 minutes.

In the side-room I noticed that the monitor’s screen had been written on. Keyboard and monitor had switched on by themselves. Both had been in the switched-off state because my floppy is defective. [Therefore, Homes could not do anything with his computer because it had no hard disc]. I will now film the screen with the camera.'
This is the translation of that screen message:

'Hier meldet sich FRIEDEL aus Schweden. Liebe Menschen. Wie ihnen bekannt ist, sind wir in der Lage, beliebig in ihre Struktur einzutreten. Ich sende ihnen wiederholt eine Projektion von mir, jedoch mit ihrem Erscheinungsbild. Die Zeitangabe ist für sie nicht korrekt. Die Projektion befindet sich seit dem 17.1. 1991 in den Quanten der Nichtraumzeit.
Jeder ihrer sowie unserer Gedanken hat seine eigene elektromagnetische Wirklichkeit, die außerhalb des Zeitgefüges nicht verloren geht. Nicht nur unsere sogenannten Transkontakte, sondern das Bewußtsein des Gesamtuniversellen ist rein geistig zu verstehen und schafft grundsätzlich alle physischen wie psychischen Formen. Aus dieser Sicht sind wir auch noch Menschen. Dieses Gemeinschaftsunternehmen schafft alle Formen. Diese stellen wiederum Illusionen dar, da sie sich ändern. Viele von uns sind in der Lage, physische Gestalt anzunehmen. Übermitteln sie bitte meine Botschaft allen Menschen. Dies sagt ihnen F. JÜRGENSON.'

E. S., ITK, F38-12.14 - Raudive-Jürgenson

'Here Friedel from Sweden is making contact. Dear humans. As is known to you, we are in a position to enter into your structure at choice. I send you repeatedly a projection of myself but with your appearance [the appearance known to you]. The time indication [on the video-camera] is not correct for you. The projection is in the quanta of no space-time since 17.1.1991. Each [one] of your and of our thoughts has its own electromagnetic reality that does not get lost outside of the time structure. Not only our so-called transcontacts, but the consciousness of the universal whole (des Gesamtuniversellen) is to be understood [as] purely mental/spiritual and in principle creates all physical and psychical forms. From this point of view we, too, are still humans. This collective undertaking creates all forms. These, in their turn, represent illusions, because they change. Many of us are in a position to adopt [a] physical shape. Please transmit my message to all men. This says to you F. Juergenson.'

The material documented between 1987 and 1997 comprised more than 300 trans-contacts: starting with an unknown number of VOT (EVPs), 50 telephone voices, 80 DRV, 15 images on the TV screen and around 200 by means of a simple non-netted computer. At least 28 names of transentities appeared, including 5 of former ITC op-erators. The contents of the messages and dialogues covered an astonishing spec-trum of terms and ideas. A structured selection of 100 concepts was presented in a special edition devoted to Homes of our journal Transkommunikation, in 1999.
RIVENICH 1988-1999


Despite his worsening health, Adolf continued his experiments until his last days. In retrospect we have to face the fact that all this happened around a man who could be called an involuntary drop out. He was a goodhearted, reliable and trustworthy person with some Protestant background. He meditated, loved nature and animals, worked temporarily as a falconer and liked a glass or two of delicious local wine. The time I spent with him and his work was my most impressive long term experience in the field of ITC. I could still wonder about the strange declaration from beyond 'Homes ist Moses'. In modern Hebrew 'Moses' is given as 'Moshe' that contains the letters of 'Homes'. We are confronted with another anagram. Its significance could exceed normal transcommunication. (Anmerkungen G. D. 14.10.2015: 'schamanisieren' = 'sich-als-Schamane-betätigen'. 'Saijonara' japanisch 'Auf Wiedersehen'. Der andere fremdsprachige Text ist möglicherweise ein sibirischer Dialekt. Im Garten von Homes stehen zwei 40 cm dicke Bäume. 'Mose' steht für Homes. ZSTK Vol. II, No. 4, 1995)
I like to add a short episode that happened during the Basel PSI days Basler psi-Tage in 1997. Adolf Homes had been invited to give a presentation and, naturally, could not realize it after his death. Our friend Jochem Fornoff from Darmstadt took over. A simple radio receiver and an open microphone were running before the big audience. I sat beside Jochem who addressed Adolf and explained the situation. From the loudspeaker came the immediate clear voice 'Vielen Dank' (many thanks). The public directly understood it and applauded.
Dear Dr. Cardoso, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the possibility to present some of my experiences and considerations in this journal. The well known Austrian Quantum Physicist Professor Anton Zeilinger stated: 'Consciousness will be the central theme in the future' and he also declared: 'Finally, it turns out that Information is an essential basic module of the world. Probably, at some point, we must say good-bye to the naïve realism according to which the world exists as such, without our action and independent of our observation.' Apparently, ITC helps to realise Zeilinger's ideas.


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(1) The image was published in: 'The Quantum Universe' Tony Hay and Patrick Walters, University Press Cambridge 1987. (Picture on cover)

'Worlds Within Worlds' – Michael Marten, Holt, New York 1977,(page 30)

Interview: ITC Journal nº39 - Dec2010


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